Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – The Buća-Luković, Tivat

The Buća -Bulbs, which consisted of a fortified mansion with a tower, housing, family chapel, the remains of garden architecture, the wall with a monumental entrance gate, located in the central part of Tivat. Fortified mansion belonged to the famous Kotor noble family Buca from which the estate and mansion of the late eighteenth century acquired Marko Lukovic, a sea captain from Perast. The heirs of the family bulbs are part of your estate at the end of the nineteenth century gave way to the construction of Arsenal in Tivat, which for the first time caused major changes in the appearance of the original ensemble. In its disposition over a wide area coast, as well as the size and architecture of the defensive towers, the topped by a loggia with defensive corridor on consoles, modeled on similar solutions Venetian defensive architecture, and prostransvu that he held, the family mansion Buca was the biggest and, in architectural terms, the richest processed whole of this character in the entire bay area. In architecture, the summer residence of the family Buca observed several different stages of construction. The oldest part is the tower with side wings. According to an inscription, the tower was enlarged 1548. Vicencije master, the master ‘s son Michael from Lastve. The church dedicated to St.. Michael, who is the final motive access paths of the sea, with 130 stone columns and pergola, built in the baroque style. Residential building, set on the south side of the tower, kept his position and about the same size during the radical rearrangement suffered by the late nineteenth century after the construction of Arsenal in Tivat. Construction of open-air theater in the mid twentieth century, in the middle of landscaped gardens along the central path that has led to the housing and economic buildings and tower, interrupted the natural connection between the surviving original portal in bunjatu, the wall surrounding the property to the sea and which is representative of the whole belonged.

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