Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – The monastery complex on the island Žanjice (Mirište), Herceg Novi

The monastery complex on the island Žanjice ( Mirište ) is not far from Cape Arza on the east side of the entrance to the Gulf Bokokotorksi. This is an interesting complex of sakranlne, housing and defense architecture with the church Sv. Presentation of the erected in the 15th century in the two phases of construction. It is assumed that the church was initially covered with stone slabs, and the interior and western facades were decorated with frescoes, whose traces can still be seen partially. Defensive walls with a round ball angle gave the monastery complex and its distinctive look. Renewal of this monastery complex now shows all the beauty and simplicity of sea, rocks and its walls with a beautiful little church. The island and the church had over time names : Male Žanjice, ridges, Little Lady, and a document of the Kotor archives from 1508. Contains a will which izvijesni Milo Rodi zamještava perpers church Sv. Maria de Sagnic ie. Žanjic on.

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