Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – The ramparts of the town of Kotor, Kotor

The medieval walled city of Kotor is situated at the end of the bay. It is not known when it created the earliest settlement at the site of today’s city. In the ancient period to the present-day town of Kotor, or in its vicinity, was the city Akruvijum which you mentioned. Ancient writers Livy, Pliny the Elder and Ptolemy. From the 7th century it appears under the name DEKADERON and Dekatarum, from which is derived the name of the Slovenian – Kotor. Written sources mention the ” Upper Town ”, which refers to the oldest part of the village, on the hill of St. John, and ” lower Town ”, of which 841 were ravaged by the Saracens, a late 10th century Macedonian king Samuel. In the 11th century, is located within the state of Duklja Vojisavljevića. Since 1185. Belongs Raska, kaka, Nemanja dynasty, the city experienced economic and cultural prosperity, the city ”. After the fall of Raska in 1371. Less time they ruled the Hungarian- Croatian kings, then Bosnian king Tvrtko, to a certain time ( 1391-1420 ) existed as an independent commune. Almost four centuries (1420 – 1797) is under the auspices of the Venetian Republic, and more than a century (1814-1918) as part of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. All the frequent state- political changes left an indelible mark in the life of the city and its cultural and historical monuments .

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