Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Theatre City Budva, Budva

Theatre City Budva has many years of international and internationally respected festival of theater, music, literary and visual arts, is organized every summer the outdoor scenes in Budva, from July 1 to August 20. The Budva stages of past seasons occurred and caused numerous theatrical performances, which dominated the theatrical life of Montenegro and Serbia. With performances of renowned theater troupes from neighboring countries and the world, the metropolis of Montenegrin tourism is also the summer capital of the most respected and international artists. Parallel to the theater taking place and numerous concerts istaknutnih domestic and international ensembles and most respected reproduktivaca classical music. Often, musicians perform in a very acoustic environment of ancient religious buildings of Budva. Not missing a number of arts events in Budva galleries. Audiences here are artists and they affirmed and those who are just coming out of St. Peter Academy. Has a long tradition in the world famous poet Square, also part of the event City Theatre, which brings together the most respected writers in the summer of Serbia and Montenegro and abroad. The most successful authors award is the square of the poet, and on that occasion he handed the prestigious award Stefan Mitrov Ljubisa of literary creation.

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