Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Thumb in Baošići, Baošići

In Baošiæi there is a complex within which there is a captain’s baroque palaces and other buildings, which probably comes from the nineteenth century. The sources said that the thumb in Baošić built by a sea captain Spiro Danilovic, and that the thumb and now called the family Danilovic which was otherwise the Đenovića. Captain Spiro Danilovic was an important naval captain, active in the first half of the nineteenth century. He is mentioned in 1826., As commander Brigatin Cupido. Captain Spiro Danilovic in the period from 1862 to 1865. he was mayor of Herceg Novi. Although it is stated that the palace built by Spiro Danilovic more likely that, given the characteristics of the baroque palace, it was built earlier and perhaps by some Perast families, as is the case with complex Smekja nearby. The whole complex is surrounded by a stone wall in which there are portals as well as three semicircular towers. In the complex there is a large park with old and large trees. Palace originally had a ground floor and two stories, hipped roof and first floor of a centrally positioned balcony with stone balustrade. All openings are typical baroque molding. Subsequent interventions authentic look and value of the palace was disturbed .

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