Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Tourist Organization of Budva, Buljarica

Tourist Organization of Budva was founded in July 2004, shortly after the enactment of the Law on tourism and tourism organizations in Montenegro. The main activity of the Tourist Organization is based on the principle of the public interest in the field of tourism. the main activity of the Tourist Organization of Budva is related to, among other things, for realizaiju the following activities : the improvement and promotion of authentic activities the municipality of Budva, initiating, coordinating and organizing cultural, artistic, entertainment, business, sports and other events that contribute to the enrichment tourist offer, encouraging and organizing action aimed at the protection and preservation of the tourist area, environment and cultural heritage; providing services and information to guests ; print promo materials, and performing other tasks in order to promote adequate evaluation of tourism products, which contribute to a fuller utilization of the tourist facilities of the municipality, as well as many others. Address TOB : Mediterranean 4 ( House Zeta Film), 85310 Budva, Montenegro

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