Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Veterinary clinic and pet shop, Radanovici-Jugodrvo

Ambulance is located between three cities of Budva – Tivat – Kotora.U natural setting, with provided parkingom.Ambulanta is equipped with the latest diagnostic devices such as ECG, Ultra sound … In our pet shop you can find ultima mode for your pets ! modern design lounge chairs for cats, rabbits, guinea pigs .. cheapest pet food .. Wardrobe for your pets and more.. If you want high-quality and cutting-edge stuff for your pets this is the right address for you. See for yourself ! **** *** absolute protection for fleas, ticks and other parasites on your pets ( of any age and size) Catan DOG ‘S MEDALLION on the basis of magnetic scalar waves Duration 2 years official representative of MNE

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