Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Vila Ponta apartments, Dobre Vode, Bar, Dobre Vode, Bar

Vila Ponta is located in the village of Dubrava – Good Water. The resort is located 10 km from Bar, and 13 km from Ulcinj. I ‘m telling you the name of a remarkable natural and geographic location, namely on the coast with the Great Sand Beach and just a few kilometers from the mountain Rumija so that during the day enjoy the gentle breeze from the sea, and at night in refreshing Večernjak the mountain. This combination of climate makes this place very suitable for medicinal and respiratory organs, heart disease and enjoyable holiday. Villa is situated 20m from the sea, the Great Sand Beach 80m, 50m from shops, bakeries and restaurants 80m 60m. Storage space in the villa consists of studios, rooms and apartments, and within them there are two, three and four- choice. Single accommodation capacity each has its own separate entrance, terrace with sea view full kitchen, air conditioning as needed ( fixed or mobile ) and TV. villa has its own parking space with 4-5 parking spaces. in terms of infrastructure available in the villa courtyard with space for holiday and fun in the shade of the vine, built in barbecue and an amusement park for children with slides, swings, seesaws and peskarnikom. Water is provided during the entire stay. for those who do not use their own transport service provides transportation and welcoming guests from the airport, railway and bus stations. price of stay depending on the period of the season, length of stay and type of smeštajase moving in the net amount of 6-12 euros per person and for children up to 7 years 4-5 eur

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