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Apartments and studios holiday villa provides the intimacy without the hotel crowds, and it feels like you’re in your house, with direct contact with the beauty of nature. Villa is located in the Pržno – Miločer – Sveti Stefan in the early XX century Yugoslav King Aleksandar, including 1,000 km. Adriatic coast, chose for his summer house. The peculiarity and beauty of the area identified as, 30 years ago, and reporters of the American magazine Life and the town – hotel Sveti Stefan ranked among the 10 most attractive resorts on the planet and the London Observer Sveti Stefan is included in the group of paradise islands. Villa is located at 50 m. from the entrance gate to the king’s summer house, which is open and can walk through it. From the villa to the beach Pržno There are about 90 m. Until next Queen’s Beach is about 300m and can be reached through a beautiful park Miloèer. Below is the Great – King’s Beach to which there are about 500m. and from it, yet the park is coming to town – hotel Sveti Stefan, which also has two beautiful beaches. Villa has its own garden with an area of ​​900m2 with two olive trees hundreds of years old below which there is a barbecue and sitting area and its own parking. For more information, see the

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