Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Virgin Ratačka, Rt Ratac

From the Benedictine monastery at RATAC, cape between Sutomore and Bar, today witnessed parts of buildings that have survived the historical upheavals. It was a rich complex of churches, cloisters, a tower and a number of buildings, of which the oldest building, a church, derived from XI century. The monastery was originally dedicated to St. Michael, then Virgin. Most important temple was the basilica, whose construction, according to surviving Latin inscription, began 1347.. The rectangular base, built in alternate rows of red and white stone. Visible are the remains of mural painting. A small, two-story chapel was built in the second half of December or the first half of the thirteenth century. Defensive walls which surrounded the monastery are still visible. However, I did not save it from the invading Turkish forces in the sixteenth century. The remains of the architectural edifices have been killed in the Second World War .

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